About Us


Atelier Dudan proudly presents its exhibits with motifs of the Macedonian cultural heritage. The exhibits contain 3 important features: 

1. Made in traditional manner.

2. The motives are from different period of Macedonian cultural heritage starting from the V century BC, Antiquity, Middle Ages, XIX century and more.

3. The material is noble: silver, gold and copper (gold plated, silver plated).

These exhibits are suitable as gifts for business partners, representation or celebrations, seminars, congresses, anniversaries, awards and festivals, as well as for individual solemn moments: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries ... 

They will adorn the interior of your office or your home. 

Upon your wish (according to sketch, photo etc…) we can make your logo or another motif in relief mounted on a plaque, framed on the cover of a notebook etc.